Why the National Ringette League?

The National Ringette League (NRL) is the showcase league for ringette in Canada and strives to be the premiere women’s sports league in the country. The elite league currently has 16 teams from Atlantic Canada to British Columbia.

The top players in the country are all NRL players.

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Questions and answers on the NRL

Why should I register?

Registering is the best way to inform the NRL that you are interested in playing during the 2014-2015 season. If you are living in a region where there is more than one team, you will be part of a draft process. If you are selected by one of the teams during the draft process, this team will own your rights and you will be invited to their training camp for the next season. As soon as you register, your resume will be transmitted to the appropriate regional team(s). You should receive confirmation and more information within 72 hours.

I'm not selected by the team I want to play for. What can I do?

The draft has been established to help develop equity between teams. Teams have the right to protect some local players, but most of the new players must go to the draft to gain the right to play in the NRL. You should be proud to be selected by a team, because this means the team considers you to be the best player available and they expect that you will be part of their future. The decision to join the team is still yours, but if you want to play at the highest level of competitive ringette, it will be with this team.

I was drafted by a team, I went to the tryouts and I was not selected. What can I do?

As soon as a player is released by an NRL team, the other teams in the region will be advised. Any of these teams can invite you to their camp or for a tryout. As a free agent, you will be able to sign a contract with the team of your choice as either a roster player or an alternate player.

I'm being told that a team can keep my rights if I refused to signed a contract. Is it true?

Yes it is. The team can retain your rights for two years. They must sign you before June 1st of the second year, otherwise you will automatically return to the draft.

I played as an alternate player this year and I would like to play as a roster player next year. What should I do?

All alternate players (AP) who have not signed a contract by the end of the season will be automatically added to the draft.

What is the difference between a roster player contract and an alternate player (AP) contract?

Alternate players can only play seven games and cannot play during the playoffs or the NRL Championship held during the Canadian Ringette Championships.

Am I eligible to play in the NRL?

Players that are third year U19 this season (born in 1996), as well as 18+ age players are eligible to play in the NRL. Underage players can play in the NRL only if there is a NRL team, but no U19 AA in the region where they are living. Underage players can sign an AP contract with an NRL team.

How many games are in a NRL season?

Each NRL team will play approximately 30 games per season.

How much does an NRL season cost?

The cost for a season is comparable to the cost of a U19 AA season with two out of town tournaments. Transportation cost is an important part of the budget for Western Conference teams. Most of the teams are involved in fundraising opportunities to defer costs.

Enroll me for the NRL!

Third year U19 players, as well as 18+ age players are eligible to play in the NRL.

All future players are encouraged to register through this website and you will be contacted by the NRL team closest to your home.

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For more information, contact us by email at futureplayer@nationalringetteleague.ca.