National Ringette League announces Elite Eight rankings

The National Ringette League (NRL) today announced its Elite Eight rankings, with Edmonton WAM! taking the top spot. Edmonton (1) has opened the season strong, winning seven of their eight games to top the season’s first Elite Eight rankings. The Cambridge Turbos (2) come in second after winning six and losing two since the season has started. Calgary RATH (3) take third place after winning seven of the last ten games, while the Ottawa Ice (4) have won eight of their last nine games and come in fourth.…


National Ringette League Community Outreach Program kicks off Saturday

The National Ringette League (NRL) has entered its thirteenth season and this weekend Ringette Canada will launch its second NRL Community Outreach Program. The aim of the program is to bring awareness of the NRL to the local ringette community, as well as to the non-ringette community through school visits and media promotions. Last season, the program visited seven communities with over 4000 people attending the featured NRL games.…


Manitoba’s National Ringette League franchise announces team name and corporate sponsors

The National Ringette League (NRL) has a new franchise competing in its Western Division this season and today it announced its team name and corporate sponsors. Manitoba Intact will hit the ice in October and will see the return of elite level ringette in the province, which hasn’t had a team since the 2012-2013 season.…


Cambridge Turbos claim national gold at ringette championships

After going undefeated all week, the Gloucester Devils faced their first loss when they met defending champion Cambridge Turbos in the National Ringette League gold medal final. The Turbos downed Gloucester 5-3 to claim gold and send Gloucester home with silver. Ottawa Ice picked up bronze.…


National Ringette League announces annual award winners

he National Ringette League (NRL) today presented its annual awards recognizing the performance of NRL athletes and coaches during regular season play. The awards were presented at the closing ceremony of the 2016 Canadian Ringette Championships, which have been taking place in London, Ontario this week.…


National Ringette League announces annual award nominees

The National Ringette League (NRL) today announced the nominees for its annual awards program. The awards program recognizes the performance of NRL athletes during regular season play with trophies for Most Valuable Player, Top Forward, Top Centre, Top Defense, Top Goalkeeper, and Rookie of the Year. …


National Ringette League announces Elite Eight rankings

The Cambridge Turbos have overtaken Montreal Mission for the top spot of the National Ringette League (NRL) Elite Eight rankings this month. Montreal has held the top spot in the rankings since the beginning of the season. …


National Ringette League announces Elite Eight rankings

Montreal Mission remains on top of the National Ringette League (NRL) Elite Eight rankings again this month. The monthly rankings were released today and show very little fluctuation from last month’s rankings. Teams have two months of play left to secure a spot at the NRL Championship tournament which will be held in London, Ontario from April 4-9, 2016.…


National Ringette League announces Elite Eight rankings

The National Ringette League (NRL) today announced its Elite Eight, with Montreal Mission topping the rankings.…


NRL SEASON OPENER to be Hosted by Fuelling Women Champions

 What: NRL Season Opener Hosted by Fuelling Women ChampionsAtlantic Attack vs. Rive Sud RevolutionWhen: 1:00pm, Saturday, October 3rd, 2015 – doors at 12.00pmWhere: Aitken University Centre, UNB in FrederictonJoin us on Saturday, October 3rd to kick-off the ringet…

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Prairie Fire 21 2 0 25 44
BC Thunder 17 5 0 25 37
Calgary RATH 12 12 0 25 25
Edmonton WAM! 4 18 0 25 11

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Prairie Fire 2012-2013

The Winnipeg Prairie Fire of old is no more! Like all NRL teams in the Western Division, Manitoba was hit with a big loss of players on both the Winnipeg Prairie Fire and the Manitoba Jets for the 2012-2013 season.…


Prairie Fire runs for the cure.

On September 30, 2012, the Winnipeg Prairie Fire tied up their runners and put on their “CIBC Run for the Cure” t-shirts in an effort to help fight breast cancer.…

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#1 Prairie Fire fan

During the Prairie Fire’s 4th year in the NRL, the players noticed a little 9 year old girl who would stand by the gate as they enter the ice surface for a game. This same little girl would be at the gate at the end of the game, giving the players a “high five”. Who knew that Shaelyn Phillippe would become the Prairie Fire’s number one fan?…

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Who was your favourite player to watch at the 2013 NRL Championship?

  • Jasmine LeBlanc
  • Salla Kyhala
  • Bobbi Mattson
  • Lindsay Burns
  • Julie Primard
  • Meghan Pittaway
  • Martine Caissie
  • Beth Hurren